Fuel heater used onboard ship

For burning heavy fuel oil in a boiler furnace, or a compression-ignition engine, it is necessary to pre-heat it. This may be done in a shell and tube unit either with plain tubes (Figure 2.22) or tubes with fins bonded to them and the oil flowing on the outside of the tubes.… Read more

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Charge Air Coolers

The charge air coolers fitted to reduce the temperature of air after the turbo-charger and before entry to the diesel engine cylinder, are provided with fins on the heat transfer surfaces to compensate for the relatively poor heat transfer properties of air.… Read more

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Difference and use of Purifier as Clarifier


  1. Remove water & suspended Solids particles from oils
  2. Two outlets water and clean oil
  3. Gravity disc on top
  4. Blind disc on the top of disc stack
  5. Sealing water required


  1. Remove finer and lighter particles fromoil
  2.  one outlet for clean oil
  3. No gravity disc only sealing ring
  4. Blind disc at bottom.
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