8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Joining Merchant Navy

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1.Right Qualification

Every country has its own merchant navy rules and academies. There is also many fake institute, so before joining assure the liability of the college.

2.Choose the Right Job

Merchant Navy offers a lot of job options – from technical to non-technical . So choose your stream accordingly your capabilities .

3.Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is the 3rd most important thing before you consider joining merchant navy because  Life on ship demands great physical fitness.

4.Almost Negligible Social Life

If you are a social animal , then better stay away from Merchant navy.

5.Personality and Attitude

The person’s personality and nature plays a very vital role when on ship because. Being a part of the merchant navy will allow a person to not only meet new people and also learn lots of new things about different cultures of the world.

6.Job surety and high income

Many people think that it will be easy to find a job on ship with high earning. But With growing number of institutions compared to job openings, there is job crunch in the seafaring industry especially at the entry level

7.Tax Free Income

The income earned on a foreign going vessel, seafarer may not always be tax free. In India minimum 183 on board sailing days is required to earn tax free income.

8.Family onboard

A merchant navy officer can take his family onboard ship only if allowed by the company. Here “family” for a married person means only the wife and children not his parents.

I wish that this 8 points clear your doubt about joining the merchant navy.



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