Checks after starting the purifier during regular watches

Marine Auxiliary Machine


Checks after starting the purifier during regular watches:

  • 1. Adjust the throughput, back pressure, temperature of feed inlet if necessary
  • De-sludge every 2 hours for heavy oil purifiers & every 4 hours for lubricating oil purifiers.
  • De-sludge the purifier after stopping the feed inlet.
  • Stop the purifier after filling up the bowl with water.
  • If any emergency, the purifiers has emergency stops, on pressing it, will stop the purifiers immediately shutting off the feed.
  • Thus we have seen in detail how to start the purifier after carrying out all safety checks and we have also seen how to stop it.
  • Apply brakes and bring up the purifier to complete rest.
  • Shut down the steam inlet to the oil.
  • Stopping of Purifiers:
  • 2. gear case oil level, motor amps, general leakages, vibration have to be monitored

Purifier overflow reasons:

  1. Incorrect  gravity disc size
  2. Excessive sludge deposit inside the bowl
  3. Sealing water low
  4. Excessive back pressure or service tank valve closed
  5. Feed oil temperature high or low
  6. Orifice plat installed wrongly in the inlet side.
  7. Excessive feed rate
  8. Sealing ring leakage(between bowl and hood)
  9. Low rpm or wrong direction
  10. Leaking three way valve

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