De-sludge Procedure of Purifier

Marine Auxiliary Machine


To de-sludge the purifier the purifier is filled with the displacement water. The inlet of the displacement water is with the inlet of oil.

  1. Open the bowl closing water/operating water, which closes the bowl. (Ensure sufficient water is present in the operating water tank)
  2.  Now after 10 seconds, open the sealing water to the bowl.
  3. The sealing water should be kept open till the water comes out of the waste water outlet.
  4. Once the water overflows through the waste water outlet, stop the sealing water.
  5. Now open the de-sludge water/bowl opening water. (This is done to ensure the bowl has closed properly). During de-sludge we can hear a characteristic sound at the opening of the bowl.
  6.  Repeat the steps 1,2,3, & 4.
  7. Open the 3-way re-circulation valve such that the dirty oil feed is fed into the purifier.
  8. Wait for the back pressure to build up.
  9. Check for overflowing of dirty-oil through waste water outlet & sludge port.
  10. Now adjust the throughput to a value specified in the manual. Correspondingly adjust the back pressure, too.
  11. Now the purifier is put into operation. Change over the clean-oil filling valve to service tank.

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