Difference and use of Purifier as Clarifier

Marine Auxiliary Machine


  1. Remove water & suspended Solids particles from oils
  2. Two outlets water and clean oil
  3. Gravity disc on top
  4. Blind disc on the top of disc stack
  5. Sealing water required


  1. Remove finer and lighter particles fromoil
  2.  one outlet for clean oil
  3. No gravity disc only sealing ring
  4. Blind disc at bottom.
  5. Sealing water not required

To run a  purifier as clarifier

Open up the purifier and set the blind disc at the bottom of the disc stack.

The water outlet is blocked by a seal on the gravity disc.

Blank off the sealing water inlet line

(Pure D.O purifier cannot change to H.O, it has no heater.Pure clarifier cannot change to purifier, it has no water outlet)

Changing over purifier from H.O to D.O 

Replace the gravity disc, which is smaller than the heavy oil

Open heater by pass vale.

Closed the F. O heater steam in/out valves.

Open heater drains v/v.
Multidisc provided 

To separate the liquid into thin layer & create shallow settling distance between discs.Improving separation of oil from heaver liquids & solids particle

Need of  sealing water in purifier 

To seal the water outlet & to prevent the overflow of oil from the water outlet.

Gravity disc 

The gravity disc is important part of purifier, which set the location of the oil and water interface.

Selection of gravity disc 

1 . Separation temperature 2. density of oil at this temperature 3. desired through put of oil and by using of nomogram .

If the gravity disc is too large and/or the outlet line back pressure is too high, the interface will be too close to the periphery of the bowl and fuel will be carried over into the water outlet. Conversely,
if the gravity disc is too small and/or back pressure is too low, the interface will be too close to the centre of the bowl and purification will be inefficient, with water being carried over in the purified fuel.

Paring disc

It is a stationary impeller mounted in a chamber at the neck of the bow.

It function is convert the rotating energy into a pressure head.


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