Reason behind the Titanic Sinking

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On April 14th 1912, at around 11.40 PM Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink. Over the course of the next few hours, the people witnessed the biggest ship sinking at 2.20 AM on the morning of the 15th, the biggest ship that the world had seen settled to the bottom of the North Atlantic. 1517 passengers lost there life due to lack of sufficient life boat and cold whether. Only  706 passengers survived, who tell the horrific story of biggest ship sinking to the world.

Reason Behind sinking of Titanic Ship :-

The ship was going too fast :-

Titanic was sailing full speed ahead despite concerns about icebergs. The reason is given behind it that the owner and Caption Edward J. Smith wants to create the history of completing the voyage in minimum days.

Warning of Iceberg is neglected :- 

After giving the warning of iceberg, no serious action is taken place

Brittle material of Ship Hull :-

The Ship hull steal contain more 2% sulphur which make the steal brittle. Due to this reason the ship hull will immediately break after the collision with the ice berg.

Steersman took the wrong Turn :-

The claim made in 2010 by Louise Patten, who said the story was passed down from her grandfather, the most senior ship officer to survive the disaster. After the iceberg was spotted, the command was issued to turn “hard a starboard,” but as the command was passed down the line, it was misinterpreted as meaning “make the ship turn right” rather than “push the tiller right to make the ship head left,” Patten said. She said the error was quickly discovered, but not quickly enough to avert the collision.

Reverse action of propeller, blocked the propeller to its postion

Just before impact, first officer William McMaster Murdoch is said to have telegraphed the engine room to put the ship’s engines into reverse. That would cause the left and right propeller to turn backward, but because of the configuration of the stern, the central propeller could only be halted, not reversed.

Ship Bulkhead are not Watertight :-

The Bulkhead which separate different compartment of the ship are not watertight. This bulkhead are opened on the top most side. Due to this the water is continues to in-grace into the compartment  and ships floodable length decrease.

Captain’s  Suicide:-

Caption is the authority on the ship of all the crew and passenger which the ship carried. As the ship started to sink Caption frightened and didn’t take any decision of proper managemet due to which the humour is spread all over the ship. Due to which all the passenger will frightened and the crew became the direction less.


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