Sailors from 30 countries went to the unique Research on Antarctic Research

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55 researchers from 30 differnet countries gone to the Russian research vessel “Akademik Tryoshnikov” in a unique expedition on Antarctic Research.

“Akademik Tryoshnikov” Vessel began its journey from the port of Cape Town (South Africa) and will return to “civilization” after three months.

Boat with scientists on the board is involved in large-scale project, called  “The Antarctic circumnavigation the Expedition” (Antarctic voyage around the globe). In the framework of the research will be conducted in the field of  climatology, glaciology, oceanography and biology.

Particular attention is paid to the problem, scientists of pollution, reduction of populations of whales, penguins and albatrosses. The results of research will help to provide the most comprehensive assessment of the natural changes that occur with the Antarctic.


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