Various Uses Of Steam On Ships  

  • For Main Engine Propulsion/Turbines (in case of steam ships)
  • For Power Generation (to run steam turbo generators)
  • For Running Auxiliary Machinery (in case of steam ships)
  • For Soot Blowing and for the steam atomized burners.
  • For Fresh water generation (Evaporators)
  • For Fire Fighting (Steam drenching)
  • For heating duties (Main Engine Fuel Oil Heater, Galley Supply, Purifier, Calorifier , Galley, Accommodation heating, Sea chests tracer lines for pipeline heating)
  • For cargo heating
  • For fuel tank heating
  • For deck machinery
  • For running Cargo pump turbines
  • For Operating Bilge, Stripping and other steam driven pumps
  • For tank washing in tanker ships and general cleaning
  • It is used as a steam ejector media for ejector pumps and vacuum devices.
  • For Driving steam driven deck machinery like winches etc.

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