Somali Pirates Hijack Indian Bulk Carrier Ship

Maritime News

A cargo ship with 11 Indian crew members on board has been hijacked by pirates off the Somalian coast, officials from the Directorate General of Shipping said on Monday.

  • An Indian commercial ship has been hijacked off Somalia coast.
  • The ship was on a voyage from Dubai to Yemen.
  • 11 Indian crew members were on board.

The vessel’s owner and been told it was carrying goods such as wheat and sugar.
“It is not a big ship but a dhow. It was hijacked yesterday and is now sailing towards the shore of Somalia,” DGS Malini Shankar said.
Shankar said the pirates are interested in the cargo on the ship and have not put forward a ransom demand so far, adding that the details of the cargo are not known yet.

  1. The incident took place on April 1.
  2. All the crew members on the ship belong to Mandavi in Mumbai.
  3. It has been learned that armed Somali pirates were responsible for the hijack.
  4. The captain of the ship informed the owner that a skiff had approached them seeking water.
  5. The captain had informed the authorities in Dubai about the incident.
  6. The owners of the ship want to get in touch with the hijackers to try and figure out how the ship can be repatriated.

The Somali website Daynile said the attack happened some 50km (30 miles) south of the port town of Hobyo.

In March this year, the Somali pirates had returned Comoros-flagged oil tanker after five years.

In their heyday in 2011, Somali pirates launched 237 attacks off the coast of Somalia, data from the International Maritime Bureau showed, and held hundreds of hostages.

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