Fresh Water Generator

Marine Auxiliary Machine, Most Popular
  • Crew require -100 Lit/day and the PASSENGERS require – 225 Lit/day of fresh water.
  • Machinery & steam plant water which is require is called makeup water
  • Steamship require =30- 50 tons/day of fresh water
  • Minimal supply of potable water on ships
  • Makeup by distillation of sea water
  • Low pressure evaporators & Reverse Osmosis
  • M Notice M620- Evapo. Not to be operated -20 miles due to pollution present in inshore waters

Single effect Boiling Evaporator

  • Bulky and heavy , primed readily (carryover of s.w)
  • Poor Thermal performance
  • Frequent descaling


  • Sea water- 30000 to 42000 ppm
  • Potable water- Less than 500 ppm
  • Boiler feed water- Less than 2.5ppm
  • Vacuum conditions reduce boiling temp.<45c
  • Jacket cooling water- 65c -60c

  • Single effect,high vaccum,submerged tube
  • Diesel engine C.W as heating medium
  • Demister-Remove small droplets of S.W
  • Monel metal wire- polypropylene
  • Brine density is controlled by continual removal by ejector
  • Air and other gases-Air ejector
  • Co2 from S.W calbicarbonate leaves caco3-scale
  • Potential salts-ca sulphate and mgcompounds
  • Coils reach 60c-not major problem
  • Half the S.W is converted in distilled water
  • Level of water is maintained –brine weir
  • Soft caco3 scale removed periodical cleaning with commercially agent OR Continuous cleaning-synthetic polymer dose
  • Quality is tested by salinometer.
  • High salinity- Alarm-product is recirculated.
  • Shell-cupro-nickel-Commonly steel with natural rubber coating to protect against corrosion


Fresh Water Cooling System Line Diagram


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