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    If you need to join Merchant Navy, a several things depends upon the good quality of training you receive and position ranking of the college or institutes which you attend. When it comes to quality of education, Varren Maritime Academy (Mumbai) is the oldest and arguably the best option available in India. Approved by Govt. of India under Section 1956, They are controlled and upheld by VMS Group of Marine Institutions, which is a very much perceived and all around regarded name in the field of Maritime Education Consultancy.

    : A profession in Merchant Navy can be sought after either as an officer or a Gp rating in primarily 2 particular fields, for ex, Marine Engineering and Nautical (deck). To wind up a seafarer, following surges of passages (Pre-Sea courses) are accessible to Indian nationals in the Government just as in private preparing organizations (perceived and affirmed by Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping):-

    A reasonable individual to join merchant navy is somebody who likes to keep side by side innovation, who is dedicated, energetic about the ocean world, needs to go far and wide, who has solid self control, who can live without his family for a significant lot and who have the frame of mind of “never beyond words”

    Which are the best Institute for Nautical/Engineering courses?

    There are such a significant number of good foundations for pre-sea preparing for Deckside and Marine Engineering. The full data about them can be downloaded from best merchant navy institute Mumbai site.

    A GP rating course is a course for marine engineers. It is approved by the DG of shipping and is very helpful for the students. The understudies seeking after this course experience a Pre-sea Training Program that will encourage him/her after they get a full-time arrangement in the ship.

    A GP rating course enables an individual to join the ship as a Ship team or a Deck group. They can partake in exercises on the deck and on the motor room. Anyone of science foundation and a joint passage rank (discretionary) can seek after the course.

    View the list of all Gp rating course Mumbai
    (Deck/Engine) Pre Sea Maritime Courses colleges & institutes in Mumbai –

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