Mariner Spotted Student Partner

What’s in it for you?

Awesome Credentials

Awesome credentials for your resume and get featured on Mariner Spotted


A prestigious certificate


Performance linked financial incentives

Learning Tracks

From digital learning to implementing – participate in learning tracks created for you

Develop core skills

Transform from a college student into a professional ready to win corporate world



Who are we looking for?

A born leader
An excellent communicator
A focused and career oriented student


Building networking with professionals

The Mariner Spotted Student Partners is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students in disciplines related to Maritime. The MSSP program enhances students’ employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Maritime.

The program is available in most countries, and all students in college and university level are eligible to apply. If accepted, Student Partners are assumed to further share the knowledge among the academic community by, for example, arranging courses, giving presentations and initiating projects.


Benefits of Mariner Spotted Student Partner

The MSSP program is active around the world to college and university level students. Mariner Spotted chooses one skilled student from each institution at a time to serve as representatives.

Mariner Spotted offers compensation to the members of the Student Partners program through salaries (in some countries only) and software and hardware packages which are distributed to them for testing and promotional purposes.

The candidate students are evaluated on the following attributes:


  • Technical expertise

A strong understanding of the overall set of Maritime Online Network and the Mariner Spotted Framework is preferred, along with specific demonstrable skills in one or more languages or technologies. Students skilled in multiple platforms, languages, and technologies are especially encouraged to join the program.


  • Be a campus leader

Nominees should be actively involved in student technical clubs, societies, and organizations, preferably in leadership roles.


  • Be an active part of the online community

Nominees should be actively involved in online communities, academic or professional. Examples include blogs, newsgroups, forums, online clubs, and related.


  • Embrace new technology

Nominees should seek out new technologies, explore them, and share that experience and knowledge gained with fellow students and faculty.


  • Work well with faculty

Nominees should be well regarded by faculty within their department and across campus.


  • Keep an outgoing personality and mature attitude

Nominees should have an outgoing personality in public situations. They should also have a positive, mature attitude towards responding to criticism and engaging in debate.

  • Recognized with Certificates

All the register Mariner Spotted Student Partner will get the Certificates which will be valid all over the world.


  • Grow and nurture a community of students and faculty on-campus and online


  • Best Performer of the Year

Mariner Spotted Student Partner whose performance was outstanding will get different benefits like :- Voucher, Premium Membership, Prizes and much more.